Ultherapy: The First-ever, FDA-approved, Noninvasive, Skin-lifting Procedure

Learn more about a noninvasive and effective ultrasound treatment for lifting, tightening, and toning skin on the neck, chin, and brow! Find out how Ultherapy, the novel, safe, and FDA-approved treatment, uses sound waves to gradually strengthen and tone the skin from deep within the skin’s layers. The lecture will also discuss how Botox and facial fillers can be combined with #Ultherapy or used alone to help you turn back the hands of time on your face and neck with no downtime!


    #Ultherapy is different from other cosmetic procedures. For example, it stimulates the growth of new collagen and lifts the skin over time. Learn more and check out a live clinical demonstration! #Aging   #skincare  

    This "treatment" melts facial fat irreversibly. Shrinks faces and eyes. Do your research before making a mistake that you will make you regret for life.

    I've been told that there are different results depending on where the Ulthera machine is manufactured, where is your machine manufactured ?

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