Live Surgery Split Thickness Skin Graft.m4v

This is a video of a Split Thickness Skin Graft being harvested and sewn into place. It describes common tools that plastic surgeons use to repair wounds from trauma and/or burns. Skin grafting is a very common surgery for patients and the video shows the key elements of the procedure.


    what is the actual instrument called that sheers the skin off? skin grafter?

    I had a skin graft done last Friday. Obviously I was under anesthesia the whole time so this video gives me good insight as to the procedure. I'm supposed to get the activac off 5 days later.

    I had skin grafe from a slit open arm that went really deep from a car accerdent with my family but they did not get hurt

    simply amazing!

    Am I the only one who is taking notes on all his videos? lol

    My son has just had a skin graft post burn. Very interesting, thank you.

    Doc, I would like to ask you about the negative pressure for Skin Graft. 25 mmHg or 125 mmg?Thank you..

    I had a skin graft in my thigh 3 years ago.

    should i skin graft a prurigo nodule?

    +Kimberly Maraschino I had the same thing done to myself when I was 2. I got a huge 3rd degree burn on my chest and I got a skin graft. I almost died.

    can you use skin grafting in case of acne scars

    These guys are true heros


    My brother just got skin grafts😬



    Back in 1967 they used to simply lay the skin on the wound site & it used to come up like a huge blood blister, but after a number of years they began sewwing the skin in place

    the holes make me itch 😷

    thats amazing! it would be interesting to see the wound healing process after the skin graft.

    I love videos like this, all I want is to get my md, I love to learn about medical practices of all kinds

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